Let’s Join Tokopedia Student Ambassador!

Let’s Join Tokopedia Student Ambassador!

Rabu, November 30th, 2016

Tokopedia Student Ambassador

Is a program for students to develop their professional abilities and soft skills to become ambassadors and represent Tokopedia to the community around them.

Benefit :

  1. 1 year scholarship program with total amount of 10 million rupiah
  2. You can join Tokopedia’s internship program
  3. You can join Tokopedia as a employee after you finished this TopAm program
  4. Develop your professionalism, leadership, communication and other skills.
  5. Participated in many Tokopedia’s activity.
  6. Get the special and specific training – mentoring program related with technology, business, and the rest.
  7. Get the special personal merchandise as identity of Tokopedia Student Ambassador.
  8. Get the Special Certificate from Tokopedia

Terms & Conditions :

  1. Undergraduate Active students, 6th semester from all university around Jabodetabek, Bandung, Semarang, Jogja, Surabaya, Malang.
  2. GPA min. 3.00.
  3. Not being tied and engaged with a similar program.
  4. Willing to involved in all programs held by Tokopedia.
  5. Having a good understanding of products and business Tokopedia.
  6. Interested in the development of technology and the Internet industry.
  7. Having the ability and passion to plan, create and organize an event.
  8. Actively involved in the community & student organizations.

Selection :

  1. Closed registration  1 January 2017
  2. Selection process 7 January 2017, Bandung and Jakarta (Jabodetabek Area)

Selection process 14 January 2017, Jogja (Semarang & Jogja Area) and Surabaya (Surabaya & Malang Area)

* We will share to you about time details and locations of selection process, directly through email and phone

  1. Only selected candidates will be informed to the next stage via email and our social media.

Registration :

Don’t miss this big challenge.

Send your CV and Updated GPA with full transcript to our email ambassador@tokopedia.com, right now!

Format subject email:

[KOTA] spasi [NAMA] spasi [UNIVERSITAS] spasi [JURUSAN],


Jakarta Andi Toped University Teknik  Informatika

Further information: tkp.me/Top-Ambassador4